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Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill

817 Westport Rd
Kansas City  Missouri  64111
United States
(816) 931-1986
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Kristin Schmitt
This locally touted bar and grill serves up a basic burger that rules supreme for good reason.

Westport Flea Market boasts 22 consecutive years voted "Best Burger" in Kansas City. Whose poll qualifies this or exactly which voters participated becomes irrelevant when you've tried a Westport Flea Market burger yourself. You don't need anyone else to tell you how fabulous it is, because you already know. This longtime downtown Kansas City bar-district mainstay is your commonplace local tavern. They don't try to be a splashy, modern bar and grill. In fact, their dcor is on par with the portion of their namesake that occupies one side of the restaurant a handful of flea market booths. But their tasty offerings (they've got a dozen other sandwiches and a host of hearty appetizers on the menu in addition to burgers) appeal to audiences across the metro, from blue- and white-collar lunchers to young families, nighttime bar hoppers to retirees. Burger choices aren't a big quandary. Are you hungry enough for the 10-oz Flea Market Burger ($7.99) or do you want to pair the 5.5-oz Mini Market Burger ($6.49) with curly fries and fried pickles? Your only other option is the Patty Melt, a Mini on lightly toasted rye with Swiss and grilled onions ($7.65). But variety doesn't have to be the spice of life when the juicy patty made with local meat-market ground chuck is so satisfying. The burgers are juicy with melt-in-your-mouth texture and delicious flavor. Personalize with some choice add-ons, such as sauted mushrooms or grilled onions, and a trip to the fresh toppings bar, and you're sure to be content. This is the type of place where you mostly fend for yourself. Just grab a table, a waitress will swing by to take your drink order, then place your order at the bar (menus on the table) and pick it up at the kitchen window when they call your name.

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