Gates BBQ | Midwest Living
1221 Brooklyn Ave.
Kansas City  Missouri  64127
United States
(816) 483-3880
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    - Amy Eckert
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    - Amy Eckert

Midwest Living Review

Amy S. Eckert
This Kansas City BBQ restaurant is most famous for the staff's enthusiastic greeting: "Hi, may I help you?"

Kansas Citians are famous for holding strong opinions about their BBQ. Everyone has their favorite. But locals all agree that Gates BBQ belongs near the top of a list of KC favorites. Famous for greeting guests with the line "Hi, may I help you?" Gates was established in the traditionally African American neighborhood near 17th and Vine in 1946. Ollie Gates bought the BBQ restaurant, formerly called Old Kentuck, from a Kentucky-born family, and this is still the only KC BBQ restaurant selling barbecued mutton, a uniquely Kentuckian dish. Gates now owns five restaurants in the greater Kansas City area, each with one unique food item. One restaurant sells chili, another veggies, another the Georgie Burger (a pit-barbecued Angus burger served with pickle and BBQ sauce only -- don't ask for ketchup or mustard). The rest of Gates' menu is the same: spare ribs, house-made sausage, chicken, ham, brisket and mutton. Patrons line up to order their meals cafeteria style and get their food piled on little plastic plates.Several sauce options sit on the table, each of them tomato-based and a bit more peppery than at some KC restaurants. Entrees cost $10-12. Save room for Yammer pie, a delicious sweet potato pie.

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