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Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ

101 W 22nd St.
Kansas City  Missouri  64108
United States
(816) 472-7427
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    - Amy Eckert
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    - Amy Eckert
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Kendra L. Williams
Jack Stack serves up delicious Kansas City BBQ in a Western chic atmosphere.

It's hard to know, really, where you'll find the best barbecue in Kansas City. Ask 10 KC residents where to go, and they'll tell you 10 different places. But we like the cowboy chic atmosphere in this Freight House district restaurant behind Union Station, and the food is worth the trip. The scent of hickory smoke greets you as soon as you step out of your car, whetting your appetite for the meal ahead. The burnt ends beg for diners' attention here, though you certainly won't go wrong ordering the ribs, the smoked brisket, the Polish sausage, smoked turkey or honey ham, either. We tried a combination of beef and pork burnt ends with a side of cheesy corn bake, which is billed as a creamy corn and smoked ham casserole but what actually tastes a lot like a thick buttery corn, ham and cheese soup. We can't imagine the calorie count on that dish, but we can guarantee we would order it every time we return to the massive dining room decked with Western-style oil paintings. We also tried the honey ham, which arrived without a trace of fat on it, and a burnt end sandwich topped with a vinegar-heavy cole slaw. The only down sides: The fries were average and not hand-cut, and our server looked like she'd rather be anywhere else than talking to us. But for dessert, we sample the house-made carrot cake, which comes as a round cake the size of an outstretched hand, with a buttery cream cheese frosting bathing the entire dish ($5.95), and a simple hot-fudge sundae ($3.50). The fudge was thick and creamy-smooth, the kind of fudge you'd expect in a soda fountain instead of a barbecue restaurant. All in all, our tab for a big lunch for three with dessert came to $42, which was reasonable for the amount of food we ordered and the atmosphere we dined in.

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