Babycakes | Midwest Living
108 Missouri Ave.
Kansas City  Missouri  64106
United States
(816) 841-1048
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Midwest Living Review

Hannah Agran
A small bakery around the corner from KC's City Market sells a huge variety of cupcakes. Although hardly gourmet, it’s still a nice sugary treat.

Key lime, orange, carrot, caramel, pumpkin, chocolate with vanilla, vanilla with chocolate: you'd be hard-pressed not to find a cupcake that fit your mood at Babycakes. Hidden around the corner from Kansas City's historic City Market, this tiny bakery has a small case, but it's full of tempting, swirly topped cakes. (The only other things you can buy here are a variety of cupcake stands and a small assortment of bottled beverages.)

We sampled the strawberry cupcake ($2.70), a moist pink base with a fluffy cap of light, fruity buttercream and a berry-esque dot of dark red icing on top. If you're looking for truly gourmet cupcakes, you might be disappointed by the rainbow sprinkles and slightly artificial flavor, but if you just want a fun treat while in the River Market, Babycakes (which has a huge local following) will satisfy you. Come early to avoid a picked-over selection.

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