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Historic Hermann's German School Museum

312 Schiller St.
Hermann  Missouri
United States
(573) 486-2017
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Midwest Living Review

Maria Duryee
This old schoolhouse is still fulfilling its purpose: teaching people engaging lessons about area and river history.

A tall, white clock tower tops this two-story redbrick building built in 1871 as an elemetnary school. People are still learning in it. But instead of reading and writing, they are exploring area history in former classrooms filled with items grouped by themes. There is a room devoted to local heritage, such as music, quilting and writing. The Kinder Room contains toys, a diorama of a school room, sitting room displays. In the River Room, you can climb aboard a replica of the pilot boat Pinoak to steer and ring the bell. Clothing, Redware, furniture and much more art add depth. When taking the stairs, you'll love seeing the dips worn down by countless children pounding up and down them. Open seasonally, but when it is, it's worth a 30-minute stop.

September 29, 2012

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