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Adam Puchta Winery

1947 Frene Creek Rd.
Hermann  Missouri  65041
United States
(573) 486-5596
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    - Damaine Vonada
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    - Damaine Vonada

Midwest Living Review

If your time on Hermann's Wine Trail is limited, skip Puchta. The wine is good, less so the atmosphere.

The Puchta family has owned this winery since 1855, carrying it even through Prohibition and revitalizing it in the 1980s to once more produce wine. While its rural setting is quite pretty, the winery itself was disappointing. Compared to other Hermann wineries, the atmosphere here felt low-budget. On the day we visited, orange snow fences spoiled the idyllic landscape. The tasting and sales room had a shed-ike ambience with minimal, tasteless decoration and unattractive signage with rather rude messages like "Notice: Only Adam Puchta Wines Consumed on Premises." All that said, however, if you're not visiting wineries for the atmosphere, this might be a satisfying stop for the very good wines. We just would have liked more thoughtfully designed facilities and grounds and more welcoming service.

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