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Uprise Bakery

10 Hitt St.
Columbia  Missouri  65201
United States
(573) 256-2265
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Midwest Living Review

Maria Duryee
This is a coffeehouse on caffeine—crowds throng here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We visited this brick coffeehouse during the annual True/False Film Festival, and it was packed—standing room only into the night. That said, the chaos was well organized. Staff hustled plates of quiche out to patrons, and a display case offered muffins, scones, hot sausage biscuit rolls, and ham and cheese croissants (though there was a good chance items would sell out by the time you reached the front of the line).

After ordering, we filled paper cups with brewed coffee and hot water for tea from a thermos, then lucked out and snagged seats at the bar in sight of an impressive selection of liquor. A server soon delivered our biscuits and gravy ($4), but the peppery gravy couldn’t mask the dryness of the biscuit. Odd, considering that Uprise is known for its baked goods.

At lunch, we gave up on finding a seat and ordered a cup of, again, peppery butternut squash soup to go. (We started to wonder if pepper was the only seasoning on hand in the kitchen.) Sandwiches listed on the blackboard were a lesson in geography with Cuban pork, Vietnamese banh mi and Mexican quesadillas. Gooey cakes and cookies filled the glass case; sadly, the oatmeal cookies we tasted were so dry that we ended up tossing them in the trash. 

Though much of our food proved disappointing, the high demand indicates that this sunny spot is popular for good reason. We’d be willing to give it another chance. Just not during T/F Festival. 

May 15, 2013

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