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Shakespeare's Pizza

225 S. 9th St
Columbia  Missouri  65201
United States
(573) 449-2454
(573) 447-1202
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    - Laura D'Angelo
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    - Laura D'Angelo
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    - Laura D'Angelo

Midwest Living Review

Laura D'Angelo
Pizza and beer, that's what Shakespeare's Pizza has done since 1973, and they do it right.

This pizza joint really has nothing to hide. You can watch the entire pizza-making process through a glass window at the front of the restaurant. From hand-tossing the dough, to pilling on the toppings, to baking in their old-fashioned stone-hearth ovens, to slicing, you can see it all, and each pizza looks different from the next.Starting with a hand-tossed dough made from scratch comes their famous, Neapolitan wheat crust. Then, they make a tomato sauce from actual tomatoes rather than concentrate. They use high-grade provolone cheese that is aged, and shredded, not diced. But more than anything else, Shakespeare's Pizza is known for their thick-cut toppings, piled high on their pizzas. Shakespeare's has THE thickest pepperoni slices you will ever find. They buy their own pepperoni sticks and slice it themselves because pre-sliced pepperonis are just not thick enough. The sausage recipe came from The Hill (a famous Italian neighborhood) in St. Louis. But at $2.50 per slice, the addition of many toppings can add up. Take The Masterpiece at $30.50 -- red onions, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, fresh mushrooms, sliced ripe black olives, green peppers, lean ground beef, and Italian sausage. It was delicious but pricey. Shakespeare's Pizza is the best college hangout in the nation -- No reallyGood Morning America just named Shakespeare's Pizza the best college hangout in the nation. Perhaps it is Shakespeare's sense of humor that makes it worth the 45-minute wait or the high price. More likely it is the quality of the food that keeps the people coming back for more pizza and beer.

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