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Main Squeeze

28 S. 9th St.
Columbia  Missouri  65201
United States
(573) 817-5616
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Midwest Living Review

The full name says it all for this bright and oh-so-green eatery: Natural foods cafe and juice bar.

The name "Main Squeeze" refers to its roots as a juice bar, but this bright eatery serves way more than what comes in a glass. Yes, you can get juices ($4.75 to $6) and fruity, fresh smoothies ($5.25). In fact, there's something to satisfy every taste, from safe, clearly healthy choices like the Thunder Kiss (orange juice, pineapple, strawberries and banana) to the sweet and scrumptious Curious George (rice milk, banana and peanut butter). But they serve food on plates and bowls, too. Sandwiches, salads, from-scratch soups, wraps with their own hummus, and more. 

The vibe is green, green, green: Main Squeeze composts 100 percent of its food waste to feed its garden, uses eco-conscious packaging and recycles everything it possibly can--so you can feel comfortable that you're doing something good for the planet and yourself by stopping here. You'll also leave happy to have spent some time within the bright yellow and green walls sitting at yellow tables surrounded by silver chairs softened by homemade seat cushions. 



March 1, 2013

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