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Lucy's Corner Cafe

522 E. Broadway
Columbia  Missouri  65201
United States
(573) 875-1700
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    - Jay Jones

Midwest Living Review

It's hard to imagine going away hungry after paying the tab at this cheerful little diner that serves enormous portions.

Serving breakfast and lunch to a largely working-class clientele, Lucy's offers enormous portions that will leave you deeply satisfied, even if they don't do much to help your waistline or arteries. A single pancake covers an entire oversize plate, so order with caution. That said, even if you don't manage to cram in every last bite, your pocketbook won't be the worse for it, as the prices are eminently reasonable. Coffee comes in never-ending servings, too, of course. The aesthetic here is ramshackle, and the atmosphere is much less about the design of the space and more about the cheerful chatter of the people dining at the other tables, as well as the friendly smiles you'll get from the staff.

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