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Cafe Berlin

220 N. 10th St.
Columbia  Missouri  65201
United States
(573) 441-0400
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Maria Duryee
Join the line of families, friends and hipster college students who pack into this funky spot for filling meals.

At Cafe Berlin, you can order your pancakes with sauerkraut on top. That’s how funky this place is. You can order them with tempeh and sauteed greens, too. That’s how organic it is. Of course, you can also order them like we did, studded with banana slices and walnuts ($7). At lunch, you can choose from similar toppings for beef or veggie burgers. Thus, you start to understand how this place appeals to such a wide range of patrons who pack the tables of the one-room, window-walled cafe.

Although attentive servers keep tables turning over without rushing, there’s a constant line, and justifiably so. These huge plates of food are tasty, no matter what you order. The pancake burrito ($7.50) is a plate-size buttermilk pancake wrapped around scrambled eggs and bacon slices. A basic cup of joe makes a good pairing (this isn’t the place to go for Starbucks-style drinks). 

Someone with a seemingly unlimited imagination must have designed this menu. Breakfast offerings include combos like the Starving Artist (half a biscuit topped with roasted potatoes, sauteed greens, two eggs and vegetarian chipotle gravy for $8) and the Clifton “Butch” Jones (a pancake burrito smothered in apples and sausage, $7.50). On the flipside, lunch consists of choices like the half-pound Awesome Burger ($8) and a tempeh Reuben ($8).  

The creative bent carries over into decor as well, where art for sale hangs on the walls and bills are delivered within books filled with enough doodles, scribbles and notes to make a librarian weep.

February 23, 2013

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