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Broadway Diner

224 S. 4th St
Columbia  Missouri  65201
United States
(573) 875-1173

Midwest Living Review

Diners looking for a blast from the past crowd into this tiny, classic American joint.

There's minimal atmosphere at this refurbished original Valentine diner (the Valentine Manufacturing Co. built the tiny, boxy operations and shipped them all over the country), and what little it does have comes from the decor's casual nod to its history. You'll also know you're in a genuine greasy spoon by the lingering, but not necessarily unappetizing, aroma of cooking fat. The Broadway is open 24 hours a day, and it's frequently packed, given that there's not much room to sit--just a handful of booths and the seats at the counter. Even (perhaps especially) in the wee hours, you'll find students jammed inside, thanks to the house specialty, The Stretch, a breakfast of hash browns topped with eggs, chili, cheese, onions and green peppers. According to local lore, it's just what the doctor ordered if you're facing a nasty hangover.

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