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Booches Billiard Hall

110 S 9th St.
Columbia  Missouri  65201
United States
(573) 874-9519
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    - Diana Lambdin Meyer
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    - Diana Lambdin Meyer

Midwest Living Review

This cavernlike Columbia institution serves up itty-bitty hot and greasy burgers on waxed paper.

For more than a century now--since 1894, to be precise--Booches has been a Columbia institution. Inside, the darkness is broken only by the lights over the pool tables and the neon beer signs. Which is okay, because you don't need to see the famously delectable burgers--just taste 'em. They're fresh and greasy and served on sheets of waxed paper, and you'll probably want to order at least two, as is the custom, because they're teensy. Don't ask for french fries on the side, or you'll be disappointed--all they've got is potato chips, so call out for a bag of Backer's Red Hots and a Coke, and you should be set. Be warned, though, that service at the pool hall has been deemed less than stellar on more than one occasion. And don't try to take photos while you're inside, or you'll risk a lecture from the staff and possibly the owner.

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