I took Grandma to Branson, and liked it! | Midwest Living

I took Grandma to Branson, and liked it!

Can a thirtysomething writer find fun in Branson, Missouri?


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Shoji and More Favorites


Shoji, though. That is worth the trip. Technically, he’s a Japanese fiddler, but the music was all over the place: polka, Broadway, Cajun, big band, gospel and more. The ’70s cop show themes sold me. There were Chinese dragons weaving through the crowd, feathers floating from overhead, laser light shows, fireworks and many a shimmering jacket for Mr. Tabuchi. I admit, it was pretty spectacular. And I’m 99.9 percent sure hypnotism was not involved.

So, Grandma finally got to see the place her friends raved about. She confided, this, too: The toast that morning at the Chateau; it was the best she’s ever tasted.

Back at home, she sent me a thank-you note that said, "I keep telling my friends, if I had to think of one bad thing about our trip, I couldn’t. "

This makes me happier than I could possibly explain. To the Branson folks trying to lure first-timers to their city, I respectfully suggest this tactic: Go after them through their grandmas. 


THE VARIETY OF SHOWS We could only see a portion of them. I’d like to return again and again to enjoy more. Maybe sometime during Christmas.

BRANSON HOSPITALITY Everywhere we went, people were so friendly. And at the hotels and restaurants all the folks were very gracious and accommodating.

THE OZARK MOUNTAIN SCENERY The trees were so lovely and all the stone so inter- esting. And I thought Minnesota was the most beautiful state.

SHOJI What a wonderful performer and showman. Just wonderful. I play his CD all the time at home.


DOWNTOWN I loved all the throwback stuff, the train, the horse and buggy, the five-and-dime. I hope the new riverfront development leaves all the classics intact.

CHATEAU ON THE LAKE Peaceful. Comfortable rooms. I hear they’ve added a spa with yoga studio, upping the relaxation quotient.

LAKES AND WOODS I liked the availability of hiking trails and water-oriented opportunities. I can definitely see why people rent area cabins for a week.

KITSCH FACTOR Any place featuring a wax museum and a comedy show starring pets within a mile of each other has a lot going for it in my book.



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