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Boone's Colonial Inn and Market

322 S. Main St.
Saint Charles  Missouri  63301
United States
(636) 493-1077
(888) 377-0003
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Midwest Living Review

Hannah Agran
Boone's Colonial Inn channels Colonial Williamsburg in St. Charles.

Boone's Colonial Inn and Market strikes a pitch-perfect balance of history and luxury. Owners Steve Powell and Venetia McEntire devoted several years (and untold sums of money) to converting side-by-side storefronts in downtown St. Charles into what they call a "boutique inn." The three quiet rooms have king-size beds, gas fireplaces and private baths with walk-in showers and whirlpool tubs. Everything is immaculately clean and supremely comfortable. But Boone's Colonial Inn strives to be more than just a plush B&B. The idea here is to dip into history as well. Every room comes with both fluffy modern robes and hand-sewn Colonial-style men's and women's nightshirts. If you want to walk around downtown at night, Steve will provide old-fashioned lanterns to carry. Then, in the morning, he dons 19th-century garb to serve a candlelit breakfast -- and sends you home with a pair of hand-rolled beeswax candles. It's easy to get the giggles when faced with a muslin chemise hanging on your bedpost, but actually, Boone's Colonial Inn stays safely on the tasteful side of tacky. Every detail is exquisitely rendered, and Steve and Venetia are fabulous hosts. The only thing we would change -- and it really is the only thing -- would be to serve better coffee with breakfast. Rooms here start at $185 and soar to $370 for the Jefferson Suite on busy weekends; for that price, we expect some really good java with our French toast.

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