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Back Roads Art

416 Main Street
Weston  Missouri  64098
United States
(816) 386-0140

Midwest Living Review

Lisa Waterman Gray
A tour through this compact gallery won't take very long, but you'll appreciate the creativity on display long after the visit ends.

Billed as 'A folk art gallery featuring handmade artwork from artists throughout the Midwest and Southwest,' Back Roads Art packs a lot of beauty into a small space. The owners also hit the road frequently, for events such as the Show Me Gourd Festival in Sedalia, MO, and Canton, TX Trade Days. Inside the shop, a delightful array of handcrafted items filled every nook and cranny. An open metalwork tabletop turtle sat beside a carved wooden mallard decoy, and a decorative, silvery metal fish. Brushed silver metal kachinas and other Native American-inspired figures hung along one wall, and several small N.A. drums were displayed across the room. The eyes of a squat pelican carved from another tree trunk seemed full of life, and a small stand of carved morel mushrooms added a playful touch. Decorative gourds were also scattered throughout the room. Horseshoes and wrought iron combined to create a leafy and graceful tabletop holder for a bottle of wine and pair of glasses. A great blue heron was crafted from wrought iron, with a smooth, round granite belly. And oxidized metal corn stalks - with actual corncobs attached - provided a decorative method of feeding squirrels. A weekend trip to Weston wouldn't be complete without a visit to Back Roads Art.

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