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Mickey's Dining Car Diner

36 W. 7th St.
Saint Paul  Minnesota  55102
United States
(651) 222-5633
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    - Kelley Garry
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    - Kelley Garry

Midwest Living Review

Eat in a railway dining car right in the middle of St Paul.

Mickey's Diner is easy to find: It's the only railway dining car stranded in the middle of downtown St. Paul! Built in 1939 and owned by the same family ever since, Mickey's is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Step inside, and it's easy to see why. Mickey's is like a mixed-up time capsule. It has a huge old push-button cash register, mechanical scale, and each booth has its own juke box which plays tunes as varied as Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Bobbie Darwin and The Clash. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with plenty of regulars, such as cab drivers, pilots and docs working a night shift, Mickey's offers retro charm and great, affordable diner food.Recipes harking back to the 1940s are given new life, cooked with locally sourced ingredients. There are long lines for breakfast on weekends, which might explain why regulars say the best-kept secret here is dinner or a late lunch. Try the burgers, or even better, Mickey's Famous Bean Soup. (On our visit, we even ended up bonding over the delicious soup with other diners ... in such small quarters, inter-table chit-chat is almost inevitable.) And don't forget a chocolate phosphate for dessert!A note on service: Some say the staff here is surly, but that hasn't been the case on our visits. In fact, our only complaint is that the place feels a bit dirty. Not unsanitary, but just in need of a good scrub. It hasn't stopped us from coming back -- and some say it's part of the charm -- but it's worth mentioning.

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