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Bev's Cafe

221 Bush St.
Red Wing  Minnesota  55066
United States
(651) 388-5227
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Midwest Living Review

Lisa Meyers McClintick
This '50s-style diner serves unusual burgers you won't find anywhere else, mixing creative ingredients into the classic American sandwich.

You won't find these sorts of burgers anywhere except Bev's Cafe, a '50s-style diner in downtown Red Wing. There's the peppery-tasting Three Pigs burger, with beef and Italian sausage topped with ham and bacon. Or how about the stroganoff burger, with mushroom gravy and sour cream? (Be warned: That one's extremely messy.) Like all of the burgers at Bev's, these start with hard-formed ground-beef patties. There's no prefab stuff here. Bev's Cafe looks like a small-town lunch counter, and the walls are covered with black-and-white photos of Red Wing in the '50s. The fare also includes skillets, omelets, hot plates, sandwiches, hand-dipped shakes and homemade fountain Cokes (available in cherry and lime). If you're a coffee drinker, take your pick on how to pay for your Joe: by the cup ($1.50 with two refills) or all day ("eleventy billion dollars"). Also, "spoon knockers, cup waivers, whistlers, thumb snappers and lid snappers all pay double. Ask about our weekly rates."

December 1, 2013

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