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Sweetgrass Cove Guesthouse and Bodywork Studio

6880 E. Highway 61
Grand Portage  Minnesota  55605
United States
(218) 475-2421
(866) 475-2421
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Indulge in the Sweetgrass Cove relaxation trifecta -- massage, sauna and hot tub -- then drift off to the lull of waves on Lake Superior.

How best to describe the extreme state of peaceful bliss you'll experience after a weekend at Sweetgrass Cove Guesthouse and Bodywork Studio? Innkeeper Rick Anderson tells of a sporty couple who recently visited with kayaks and mountain bikes strapped to their car. After experiencing the Sweetgrass trifecta -- a full-body therapeutic massage; a toasty sweat in an old-fashioned, wood-fired Finnish sauna; and a soak in a hot tub -- the couple settled into a relaxed state of torpor. "The bikes and kayaks became yard art," Rick said with a smile. Such is the Zen utopia Anderson has created in Sweetgrass Cove, a mind and body retreat that we would declare to be the most romantic spot in Minnesota.The guesthouse ($150 per night for two people) is just 25 yards from Lake Superior and offers prime viewing for bald eagles, loons, and the occasional otter fishing in the water. To truly get the most out of the experience, put on a terrycloth robe and go for the one-hour full-body therapeutic massage ($60 per session). Anderson says his massages go beyond the normal rub-down to facilitate healing, as he uses knowledge of the bodywork arts gleaned from travels through the Orient. Your next stop is the smoking, fired-up traditional Finnish sauna. Finally, it's time for a dip in a 104-degree hot tub, from which you can peer through the evergreen trees down to the rocky shore and watch waves rolling off the greatest of the Great Lakes. When you step out, your legs will be wobbly, your heart rate will be slowed, and you'll be transcendentally conscious of every breath that exits your lungs. Congratulations, you are at peace with the world.

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