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Voyageurs House Boating

Tackle the pristine wilderness in luxury by renting a roomy houseboat in Minnesota's 30-year-old Voyageurs National Park. Written by Berit Thorkelson.


Houseboating Insights


GUIDES ARE GREAT, especially on the first day of your trip. They can answer the questions that will inevitably spring up as you get used to your large moveable home. Plus, they have lots of fishing gear and know all the best spots.

BE PREPARED, but don’t stress out about having anything you could possibly need on board. It feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but you can order many things via your two-way radio, and your houseboat company will deliver it by speedboat.

BRING BINOCULARS They’re great for spotting wildlife, and a necessity for hunting down the buoys that keep you on course.

KEEP KIDS BUSY Houseboats are popular with families, but it’s important to realize that unless you have a guide, moving the boat is easiest with at least two people concentrating on driving, map-reading and buoy-spotting. Make sure children are occupied so adults can navigate safely.

CONSIDER YOUR COMPANY Remember, you are literally on the houseboat for the majority of your stay. Even a big one can start to seem small after a few days.




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