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Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group

3001 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis  Minnesota  55408
United States
(612) 877-7263
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    - Gus Axelson
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    - Gus Axelson

Midwest Living Review

Come to this for trendy spot for the martinis, 70s kitschy fun, the scene and the great skyline view.

First, the name. The "Support Group" refers to the bar, but if the weather is nice, ride the glass elevator up two flights to the rooftop Sky Bar -- an open-air cocktail bar that's a giant wooden deck decorated with Art Deco furniture pieces. Have a martini ($10) up here and enjoy the bird's-eye perch overlooking Minneapolis with downtown looming in the distance. Enjoy a pared-back bar menu up here, or descend to the 1970s-chic cafeteria for dinner. The restaurant's concept is "just delicious food," so the menu knows no bounds. Entrees range from pad thai to chicken and waffles to chicken curry masala to Swedish meatballs to pitas to hangar steak. Accordingly, the condiment tray is schizophrenic -- ketchup, mustard, siracha, Tabasco, soy sauce and a syrup-bottle statue of Mrs. Butterworth. Stick with the cafeteria spirit and keep it blue-collar when you order your meal: the fried chicken ($12.95 for a quarter bird) is well seasoned and crisp and juicy, sure to coat your fingers in grease. Desserts include Inga Svenson's Rice Pudding ($2.95), red velvet cake ($9.95), chocolate cake ($9.95) and a lemon icebox strawberry shortcake ($7.95) with a hidden layer of mascarpone for a rich taste. And don't forget the dessert martinis: The Big Lebowski ($10) packs a boozy wallop with Kahlua and coconut rum mixed with Godiva white chocolate. Or retire to the Sky Bar for an after-dinner drink. This is a spot for night-out-on-the-town drinks and fun with friends.

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