Tilia | Midwest Living
2726 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis  Minnesota  55410
United States
(612) 354-2806
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Midwest Living Review

Kelley Garry
The dishes aren't seasonal, but they taste great in this crowded spot that opened in 2011.

Eating at Tilia, one Minneapolis' newest, hippest eateries, isn't easy. Tilia is a small restaurant in Linden Hills and doesn't take reservations. So Tilia is like the stereotypical popular girl -- hard to get, but everyone circles waiting to be noticed or, in this case, get a table. But once you get a table at Tilia, the food is worth the pursuit. Tilia's motto is Good food tastes good, and that's the spirit of the menu: Season be damned! We're serving good food here! There's a hodgepodge of usual and unusual offerings, from salads to burgers, escargot ($10), beef brisket ($18), smoky grilled tropical-tender mahimahi ($15), and decadent tagliatelle pasta with spring pea reserved truffle Parmesan ($10 for a small/ $16 for a large.) (The small is really small--order up.) If it's good, it's here. Except when it's not. Tilia tends to sell out of some menu items, including some of the beers on the extensive beer menu, and that is really frustrating. (We chose three beers before we found one in stock.) The wine menu is deep and sure to please. Once you get a seat, don't give it up without getting dessert. The huge German chocolate "cupcakes" ($7) are so rich and fresh, they will have you looking over your shoulder for your grandma Greta.

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