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R Burger Bar

Mall of America
408 E. Broadway
Minneapolis  Minnesota  55425
United States
(952) 858-8558
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    - Jamie Bartosch
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    - Jamie Bartosch
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    - Jamie Bartosch

Midwest Living Review

Jamie Bartosch
Sleek and small, this bar-restaurant in the Mall of America's comedy club far outperforms the food court with tasty burgers and above-average bar food.

This remote, independently owned, 11-table burger bar opened in 2009 at the top of the Mall of America, on its fairly empty fourth floor. The modern decor, blue lighting and Top 40 dance music make it look and feel more like a hip bar than a restaurant. But the kitchen holds its own. Flavorful burgers are the specialty, made with a blend of beef and seasonings and offered in a variety of styles, including a build-your-own. Rather than opt for the DIY burger, we went with the Blue Lucy -- one of Minnesota's famous cheese-filled Juicy Lucy burgers. It was topped with an X of bacon, and it was supposed to be infused with bleu cheese. We kept waiting to have cheese ooze out as we bit into the burger. That never happened; we didn't taste any cheese until a few bites in, and by then, the burger was starting to crumble. However, the burger meat was really delicious -- very flavorful with a nice variety of spices. The fries that came with the burger were also good -- not too greasy, not too salty, and served in a cool-looking wire metal cone with a little side of their special sauce. Other deliciously unhealthy choices pack the menu (fried Twinkie dessert served with strawberry topping and whipped cream, anyone?) as do upper Midwest specialties like fried cheese curds and poutine (cheese and gravy-covered French fries). R Burger Bar ranks among the most gourmet and indigenous Mall of America dining options, attracting both tourists and locals. The dark restaurant, in front of the entrance Rick Bronson's House of Comedy, has a happening, clubby vibe. The prices are a tad high for upscale bar food (burgers range from $9 to $11), and seating is limited. But the food is delicious, the service is friendly, and they have a kids menu.

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