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Pizzeria Lola

5557 Xerxes Ave. South
Minneapolis  Minnesota  55410
United States
(612) 424-8338
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Kendra L. Williams
A tasty array of pizzas and a wood-fired oven topped with a disco ball draw crowds to a neighborhood storefront in south Minneapolis.

Plug the address for Pizzaria Lola in your GPS, and you'll wonder why you find yourself winding through a residential neighborhood filled with little brick homes built in the 1950s. And once you arrive and squeeze your car into an off-street spot, you'll see a standing-room-only spot, even on a Tuesday night at 7 p.m. About 70 people can squeeze into Pizzaria Lola's, and as soon as one table clears, another group comes in to wait for 14 kinds of pizzas that run the gamut from Old Reliable, a sweet-tomato-sauced cheese pie ($10), to Lady ZaZa, topped with house-made Korean sausage and kimchi, serrano peppers, soy-chili glaze, scallions and sesame oil ($15.50). We tried Old Reliable and the Korean Barbecue, made with Grass Farms short ribs, mozzarella and soy-chili vinaigrette drizzled over a mountain of chopped arugula. The Korean influence comes straight from the owner, and the scent of sesame and scallions wafts across the table when it arrives. The peppery arugula made our lips tingle for several minutes after we ate the first slice. The thinly sliced short ribs provided a sweet balance to the vinaigrette, and the whole pie offered a nice complement of flavors and textures. The cheese pizza oozed melted mozzarella and pecorino. What stood out from both was the crust: a Neopolitan wonder that was chewy and left our fingertips dusty with charred flour. Clearly, the pizza scores, but the vibe is cool, too. The disco ball perched on top of the oven and the $3 photo booth in back (plus the strips from the photo booth hanging on the wall) help make this neighborhood spot a super fun place to have dinner.

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