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Milkjam is One Cool Ice Cream Shop

In Minneapolis, milk-lovers and vegans alike line up for a taste of Sameh Wadi’s inventive (and often dairy-free) ice cream.

Scream for no cream Despite his lactose intolerance, restaurateur and chef Sameh Wadi never stopped eating ice cream. Dairy-free options lacked the ideal sits-on-your-tongue texture. “I always look at things from a chef’s perspective,” he says. He began playing with plant-based fats such as coconut and olive oils. When he opened Milkjam Creamery in 2016, even the lactose-tolerant raved about his vegan flavors. Bingo.

Sameh Wadi of Milkjam

Lessons worth churning A one-size-fits-all ice cream base doesn’t cut it here. “If I’m going to make an avocado ice cream, it’s going to taste like avocado—not like cream with a little bit of avocado,” Sameh says. The menu’s flavors change frequently and might include Oreo- and peanut butter-filled Ridin’ Duuurty, Thai Tea, or the shop’s namesake, a subtly complex blend of caramelized goat’s, cow’s and condensed milks that will make you wonder why you ever ate vanilla.

Ice cream social Progressive in more than just recipes, Milkjam was closed on A Day Without Immigrants, and it honored National Women’s Month by renaming flavors after Gloria Steinem, Ellen DeGeneres and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar. “They tell you to separate business and politics,” says Sameh, who is Palestinian. “In large part we do, but it’s important to celebrate the diversity of our community.”

All of Them at Milkjam

A La Mode Good luck snapping a pic before your friends dig into the All of Them—Milkjam's sundae-for-a-crowd made of all 16 menu flavors, toppings and broken waffle cones (

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