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5-8 Club

5800 Cedar Ave. S
Minneapolis  Minnesota  55417
United States
(612) 823-5858
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    - Kelley Garry
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    - Kelley Garry
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    - Kelley Garry

Midwest Living Review

Kelley Garry
Home of the Juicy Lucy, a the 5-8 Club is a speakeasy-turned-restaurant that serves great burgers for a good price.

A 1928 speakeasy-turned-family-friendly burger joint, the 5-8 Club knows how to serve guilty burger pleasures at a good price. The 5-8 hides on the edge of south Minneapolis and claims to be the 1950s creator of the Juicy Lucy hamburger: a meat patty infused with melted cheese. Beyond the Juicy Lucy, all 14 burgers -- from the Montana Burger topped with Heinz 57, blue cheese and chipotle mayo, to the garlic cheeseburger -- start out the same way. A good, solid, premium-grade quarter-pound beef burger on a better-than-average soft white bun served hot off the grill in a basket at a decent price ($3.15 for a plain burger to $6.50 for a Big Jim double cheeseburger). Diners can add a combo basket of basic fries and delicious creamy coleslaw for $1.99. The 5-8's Onion Straws ($5.99) are a mountain --enough for three -- of breaded and fried thinly sliced onions. Our non-Juicy Lucy burgers were terrific, hot and juicy with generous and tasty toppings. But the Juicy Lucy ($5.50), once it lost its "Juicy" (the melted cheese filling), was disappointingly dry and a bit sad, like an Oreo cookie without its filling. The 5-8 Club is a popular economical destination with a roadhouse feel. The menu has cardiologist-cringing sandwiches, wings, hot dogs. Most burgers have a vegetarian option. Service is cheerful and fast.

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