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Lanesboro Pastry Shoppe

202 Parkway Ave. N
Lanesboro  Minnesota  55949
United States
(507) 467-2867
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Midwest Living Review

Gustave Axelson
Everything's off-menu at this laid-back, local favorite breakfast and lunch eatery.

How laid-back is the attitude at the Lanesboro Pastry Shoppe? Well, hours are stated as "7 to ?” and there is no menu. When visitors walk in for breakfast, the cook simply asks, "So, what do you want?” and then does his best to accommodate requests with whatever ingredients he has in the kitchen.

Despite the "e" in shoppe, there isn't a hint of pretentiousness to be found anywhere in this eatery. Locals love this place for the morning coffee and the tasty, pillowy pastries. Breakfast is anything-goes with eggs and French toast; lunch is simple sandwiches, a gyro of the day and a special based on the cook's whims du jour. A Mexican-seasoned taco salad with housemade black bean salsa in a freshly baked tortilla bowl, perhaps.

Lanesboro Pastry Shoppe is a great place to stop in for great pastries and a cup of coffee, a simple yet satisfying breakfast or a tasty lunch, all served with a side of local flavor. Just don't expect to chat with the cook, don't expect to see a menu, and don't expect to know what you're paying until you stop at the register on your way out. The good news? No matter what you order, a family of four can easily eat a full breakfast here for around $20.


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