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Franconia Sculpture Park

29836 St. Croix Trail
Shafer  Minnesota  55074
United States
(651) 257-6668
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Midwest Living Review

Art and community intersect in this quirky community park.

Franconia Sculpture Park provides a unique 20-acre space for current and emerging artists to showcase and develop their skills. Visitors will love the rotating collection of 75 contemporary sculptures, ranging from avant-garde to quirky, while artists love the space to explore new opportunities. On any given day, you might see an up-and-comer performing or installing artwork, or perhaps a school of children engaging in hands-on curriculum. The idea is to bridge the gap between a small, rural community and the notion of some stuffy gallery in New York City, and this locally supported park has a heavy focus on outreach -- particularly at-risk youth. Though it's open 365 days a year, Franconia is best enjoyed in the warm months. You never know what snow will cover, and sub-zero winds take the joy out of lingering and pondering the pieces. However, the park is wholly dependent on community support year-round, so winter visitors are always welcome. Just dress accordingly!

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