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Wintergreen Northern Wear

Fitger's Building
600 East Superior St.
Duluth  Minnesota  55805
United States
(218) 722-4984
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Midwest Living Review

Don't let they cute embroidered trim fool you. Wintergreen Northern Wear's anoraks, gloves and hats easily stand up to the Midwest's most bone-chilling temperatures.

The company is based in Ely, Minnesota, where January highs top out around 14 degrees. Outdoorsy types come here to tour the lakes and woods by snowmobile, ski, dogsled and foot. Clearly, a reliable coat makes a handy accessory. But Wintergreen's outdoor cred goes beyond geography. Owners Paul and Sue Schurke began crafting winter gear in 1983, in time for the first of Paul's five North Pole expeditions. (Since then, he has trekked across Greenland and Russia, too.) He also cofounded the nonprofit Wilderness Inquiry, a respected educational outfitter, and Wintergreen's own dogsled trips have starred in National Geographic documentaries.Today, the store has new owners but the mission remains the same--quality, made in the U.S.A., outdoor gear. The store has a modern day wilderness explorer appeal and focuses mainly on the Wintergreen signature product of jackets. The jackets are made with a variety of material based on what temperatures range you are seeking but they share two things in common--they are all handmade right in Ely and they are expensive. Take for example the cute as a button baby snowsuit--it'll cost you close to $200. For many fans, Wintergreen's appeal lies in the craftsmanship. Every product, from the fleeciest baby bunting to the hardiest parka, is made right in Ely. And, of course, there's that signature, Scandinavian-style trim--a perfectly Minnesotan final touch.

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