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Little Angie's Cantina and Grill

11 E Buchanan St.
Duluth  Minnesota  55802
United States
(218) 727-6117
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Midwest Living Review

trevor meers
Get your fix of mainstream Mexican food in this large restaurant set in a warehouse in Duluth's popular Canal Park tourist area.

Among all the commercial empires that have risen throughout Duluth's history, the Grandma's restaurant group deserves a spot in history. The original restaurant has spawned several other eateries in Duluth's busy Canal Park tourism section, including Little Angie's Cantina, which occupies a warehouse up the street from Grandma's and across from the Grandma's-owned Bellisio's Italian restaurant. Little Ange's is as spacious as you'd expect a warehouse restaurant to be, with high ceilings, big booths, and plenty of neon signs and memorabilia on the walls. The saddle in a big glass box, they claim, belonged to Pancho Villa. Angie's menu is built on familiar American-style Mexican dishes done well and in ample portions, including ridiculously large margaritas. We tried the fajitas ($11.99) that are bragged about on billboards along Duluth's interstates and found them as flavorful as most renditions. The guacamole and sour cream (which many restaurants skimp on) were plenteous, but the amount of chicken on the sizzling plate was a little disappointing. We also tried the longhorn grilled burrito ($11.99), which stuffs grilled steak and veggies into a tortilla topped by barbecue sauce. We probably wouldn't have thought to put BBQ sauce on a glorified fajita, but it worked. For us, the real star was the 99-cent chips and salsa, which is full of startlingly fresh veggies and cilantro. Far better than most versions of this budget appetizer.

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