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Duluth Grill

118 S. 27th Ave. W
Duluth  Minnesota  55802
United States
(218) 726-1150
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Beth Probst
This hot spot diner features endless options for even the pickiest of eaters all while focusing on local, organic, free-range goodness.

Transformation sums up what was once a West End Duluth Embers chain. Today, the Duluth Grill is family owned and focused on local, organic, free-trade eats. The menu reads like an introduction to food with sections ranging from gluten free, vegetarian, flexitarian or normal, with a focus on using local produce and meat to make reasonably priced, hearty dishes. Items down to even the ketchup, syrup and coffee mugs are made locally. Favorites, once featured on Diners and Drive-Ins, include banana cream pie and the grass-fed beef pastie. Burgers here are made with beef or bison. Our garlic-gouda beef burger ($10.49) delivered seriously juicy goodness in every bite. The bison burger ($12.95) was leaner than the beef, but that didn't seem to affect the juiciness or the level of flavor. Breakfast is served all day, including generous helpings of pancakes or specialty waffles made with organic flour, free-range eggs and served with maple or lingonberry syrup. Coffee, made from area roaster Alakef, comes served in mugs thrown and painted by a regional artist. The interior of the restaurant screams local diner. Booths, counter tops, diner style plates and the open kitchen behind the register are modest. One warning: regardless of when you go, it'll probably be busy. But the wait is well-worth it. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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