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Clyde Iron Works

2920 W. Michigan
Duluth  Minnesota  55806
United States
(218) 727-1150
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Beth Probst
This happening eatery offers affordable wood-grilled fare within an industrial setting.

Clyde Iron Works features tasty pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and desserts made in wood-fired ovens that were built by a local mason. The cavernous restaurant has two sections—an order-at-the-counter area on the main floor and full service with a bar on the balcony. Pleasantly, nothing on the menu costs more than $15, including the large 16-inch pizzas. Our service was excellent, as were our thin-crusted sausage pizza, garden salad and yummy fresh-from-the-oven garlic mozzarella bread. (All bread is made and baked on-site.)

Decor pays tribute to the building’s historical significance. In the early 1900s, Clyde was a steel foundry and manufacturing company; the center of the restaurant still feels like a wide-open warehouse that manages to seem spacious even during rushes. Along the ceiling, patrons can glimpse an old crane used to move equipment in the past. A massive multipanel mural covers an entire wall; framed historical photos line another. The tables are made from recycled wood flooring, and on the main floor, diners enjoy a quick game of bocce ball on a full-size indoor court. A vast concert space with balcony is at the back of the building.

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