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Kelley Garry
Chef Shack is a movable feast worth chasing!

The Chef Shack is a Twin Cities-based roving high-end food truck with high-end followers. Chef owned, it's like a fine-dining restaurant gone camping. Gone is the snootiness, fussiness or reservations of fine dining; all that's left is organic, locally sourced (when possible) fine food done well and served hot with a smile. It's like the chefs are on vacation. And they kinda are. The shack rolls on weekends 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. or for special events. The chalkboard menu changes by the season and the mood. Sometimes there is soft-shell crab, sometime there's not. The eats of the moment do outshine some of Shack's uneven usual fare. The bacon-beer brat and French toast are a snooze -- nothing new or imaginative. But some of the popular constants are delicious, like the generously sized smoky pulled-pork nachos ($6) piled high with black beans, spicy peppers and guacamole; and the sensuous signature Indian-spiced organic mini doughnuts ($5) served hot with cinnamon, cardamom and sugar clinging on for dear life. One order is enough to share, but don't. Finding the rolling Chef Shack is no problem. It offers two vehicles and regular gigs at Minneapolis' Mill City and Kingfield Farmers Markets, as well as constant tantalizing logistic and gastronomic updates via Twitter and Facebook such as: "Chase that donut truck! We are now on Marquette just down a couple o blocks between 9th and 10th. And the sun just came out!" or "Today at Kingfield ...! New fish tacos!" A shack feast is totally getable. But be prepared to wait. The Chef Shack is a popular destination, but worth the hunt.

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