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The Cove

111 River Street
Leland  Michigan  49654
United States
(231) 256-9834

Midwest Living Review

Enjoy casual fine dining on the Leland River and, if you're feeling adventurous, order the world-famous Chubby Mary drink.

The Cove is famous for its secret Chubby Mary, a Bloody Mary drink said to contain a "Fishtown surprise." The surprise is instantly revealed when the drink is served with an actual fish bobbing in it. This could understandably rattle a few patrons, but we soon learned the fish, a 6-ounce chub caught and smoked fresh locally, was really delicious. We then proceeded to have one of the best seafood chowders we've ever tasted, and all was forgiven. You'll find the best seating found on the deck overlooking the Leland River and historic Fishtown, once a hub of the commercial fishing industry and now a quaint collection of shanties and docks. Blink and you might think you're on the ocean somewhere, but the menu, people, and rich history are all Michigan.

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