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Talley's Log Cabin Bar

2981 County Road 612
Lewiston  Michigan  49756
United States
(989) 786-2011
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Midwest Living Review

Kim Schneider
Talley's Log Cabin Bar draws standing-room crowds regularly for its cheap and addictive Talley Burgers, best served with a side of ranch potato wedges.

A Talley Burger is a local institution in the resort community of Lewiston, and deservedly so. It's a good little cheeseburger, clocking in at a recession-friendly price of $3.50. Fried potato wedges with ranch dressing will cost you an additional $2.95, but they're worth it. Beer arrives in the can, and instead of plates, you'll get Styrofoam dishes and plastic dishware. Nothing fancy, but summertime-tasty. We'd come back for the food alone, but it's worth noting that a big part of the Talley Burger's appeal is the venue in which it's served. On summer nights, Talley's Log Cabin Bar (the name is no joke; think Lincoln Logs) feels like a real neighborhood party. Big crowds gather on a shady outdoor patio; inside, you'll find a classic juke box, Tiger baseball memorabilia and multiple large-screen television sets. The mood is casual and friendly, with ponytailed waitresses in T-shirts and jeans who never forget to say "hon" as they whip out one burger after another to the hungry throngs.

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