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Sam's Sweet Corn and Fresh Produce

Blue Star Hwy. at 16th Ave.
South Haven  Michigan  49090
United States
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    - Amy Eckert
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Midwest Living Review

Amy Eckert
Fresh veggies fill this small, refrigerated produce stand outside South Haven.

Sam's Sweet Corn is a classy little produce stand that will catch your eye as you drive along the Blue Star Highway south of South Haven. A colorful, beautifully painted sign bearing a cheerful yellow ear of corn alerts travelers to Sam's Sweet Corn. The wooden sign simply leans against a Pass With Care road sign beside the little produce cart, no larger than 3 feet square. But the produce inside the food stand is beautifully, even artistically, arranged: little baskets brimming over with purple onions; shiny red beefsteak tomatoes piled beside a pretty arrangement of yellow squash and dark green zucchini; and carefully stacked piles of sweet corn, of course. The produce stand is not enclosed, but it is refrigerated to prolong the life of the veggies inside. A signboard inside the stand lists the price of each item and a locked box allows visitors to pay on the honor system. When we stopped at this produce stand, Sam's parents were checking on the vegetables. (Sam, it's worth noting, is an entrepreneurial kid!) They said that Sam sets up the stand whenever he has produce available for sale. And while he specializes in sweet corn, he sells a wide variety of vegetables. We can vouch for the quality of his sweet corn -- it was delicious, fresh and free of worms!

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