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216 Howard St.
Petoskey  Michigan  49770
United States
(231) 347-0341
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    - Hannah Agran
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    - Hannah Agran

Midwest Living Review

Hannah Agran
Shoppers with spare cash in their pockets will surely find something tempting at this frou-frou kitchen and tableware store in downtown Petoskey.

First-timers in Petoskey's Gaslight Shopping District often have a question: "What's up with the yellow bags?" It seems like every woman walking down the street has a lemon-color paper shopping bag. You'll wonder what you're missing out on until you see Cutler's, a sprawling store painted the same shade of yellow and, of course, you'll go inside to see what the fuss is all about. Smart marketing, eh? As it turns out, Cutlers stocks an attractive, if not particularly unusual, selection of fine china, crystal and kitchen gear that seems suited for exactly two purposes: to fill the registries of local brides and to stock the kitchens of local vacation homes. Cutler's has been around since 1965 and, while the staff are totally friendly, the shop has undeniable air of exclusivity. That said, while your average tourist won't come in to buy a set of 10 table settings, foodies will enjoy browsing the kitchen section and may find the perfect silicone scraper that will always remind them of their trip to Petoskey.

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