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Scolnik House of the Depression Era

504 W. Clay Ave.
Muskegon  Michigan  49440
United States
(231) 722-0278
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Midwest Living Review

Amy S. Eckert
This restored Muskegon home re-creates Depression-era living with lots of hands-on artifacts.

Muskegon’s Hackley and Hume houses reveal how the town's wealthy residents lived at the best of times during the lumber boom. At the Scolnik House, though, visitors see how ordinary Muskegonites lived during the toughest of times—the Great Depression.

In 2007, the Scolnik House joined the Lakeshore Museum Center as one of Muskegon’s newest historical sites. The modest home re-creates life as it was in the Depression era via period artifacts, such as a Monopoly game, roll-up mattresses for stragglers to use, and a kitchen kitted out with 1930s appliances and furnished with shelves of home-canned fruits and vegetables.

Unlike most historical homes that are open for touring, everything in the Scolnik House is fair game to touch and handle. Intrigued by the canned goods? Pick them up to examine them most closely. (They’re made of unbreakable acrylic.) Think Monopoly sounds fun? Sit down and play a game. Interested in the old Muskegon Chronicle? Settle onto the couch and read it. No worries about keeping curious little hands off, this is one site where you can feel good about bringing the kids. 

June 20, 2012

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