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Miller's Bar

23700 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn  Michigan  48124
United States
(313) 565-2577
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Midwest Living Review

Matt Forster
Without a doubt, this dark bar in Dearborn serves up one of the best burgers in Michigan.

There are as many different ways to make a burger these days as there are places serving them, but when you yearn for something simple -- a straight-shooter with no frills but plenty of taste -- Miller's Bar is the place. Located in southeast Michigan, just a stone's throw from downtown Dearborn, the less-than-inviting exterior of Miller's Bar disguises one the best burger joints in the state. Served on a sheet of waxed paper, burgers come with cheese (Swiss or Velveeta), fresh-cut slices of onion and pickles. French fries and onion rings round out the sides. As your mouth closes on that first bite, you'll find there are few experiences as good as eating this perfectly proportioned burger -- between soft buns the meat melds with the cheese, pickles and onions, every bite as satisfying as the first. Now, when you visit, you have to remember that they have their own way of doing things at Miller's. Guests seat themselves and place their order with a server, which is common enough. But you might not expect a sit-down place to serve pop in cans or bring out your fries and rings in cardboard trays. And when you're done, don't wait for a bill. Instead, head up to the bar, tell em what you had, and pay there. Also, be sure to bring cash (or a debit card for the ATM out front); your plastic is no good here, and neither are checks. And if you're visiting with young children, know that there are no highchairs.

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