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Haunts of Mackinac Tours

6633 Main St.
Mackinac Island  Michigan  49747
United States
(906) 847-8018
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Midwest Living Review

Kim Schneider
The ghost stories of author Todd Clements have led to popular tours of their settings.

During Haunts of Mackinac tours, a cloaked guide leads a dozen or so people through the island’s quaint downtown while spinning ghostly tales about departed souls like Harvey, supposedly jilted by his girlfriend while they both attended Mackinac College (now the Mission Point Resort). It’s debatable whether Harvey was so depressed that he threw himself off the bluffs or was done in by a rival. In any case, he now occasionally appears in guest rooms and elsewhere around the property.

Todd Clements, author of Haunts of Mackinac, got so many inquiries about his stories that he decided to launch a tour of related sites. The "Downtown Haunted History" tour ($17) focuses mostly on tales of weird happenings in hotels built atop one-time Indian cemeteries. For instance, a long-dead physician appeared to a rooming house guest with terminal cancer and assured her everything would be OK. (She learned shortly after that she'd been miraculously healed.)

The "Haunts at Mission Point Resort" tour ($13) kicks up the scare factor; even the guides say they won't explore some of these locations alone. Even braver participants can sign up for the midnight tour ($17) or try their hand at using paranormal investigation equipment on a two-and-a-half-hour "Ghost Hunt" ($35).

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