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Lunch Box Deli

17018 Mack Ave.
Grosse Pointe  Michigan  48230
United States
(313) 884-1501
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    - Emily Tennyson
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    - Emily Tennyson
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    - Emily Tennyson

Midwest Living Review

Emily Tennyson
Lunch Box Deli's one burger, a veggie burger, is good enough to fly solo.

A tiny, bright spot made distinctive by its orange walls and miniature counters, Lunch Box Deli broadcasts its extensive offerings on blackboard menus, which cover three already-crowded walls. There are two tables, a counter, a cooler for drinks and a counter where customers claim their food. Don't be deceived by the diminutive proportions though. This kitchen produces miraculously innovative, organic cuisine. Everything at Lunch Box Deli is made on-site. It really shows in their veggie burger, bursting with fresh flavor. This burger ($6.95) is a 4-inch-tall wonder that includes a patty made of bread, corn, zucchini, squash and fresh basil, topped with Swiss cheese, avocado, tomatoes, endive, romaine and thousand island dressing. If it sounds like there's a lot going on, that's because there is -- and it's all good. It certainly is messy. But there is the right mix of citrus from somewhere, crunchy lettuce and an appetizing burger texture that aptly replicates a grilled patty. It's best to eat it on-site in the pocket-size deli while the homemade bun, laced with caramelized onions, is still warm. (However, it can be hard to find a table.) Washed down with an icy can of soda, it's heaven. Stop by for lunch or dinner; despite the name, The Lunch Box is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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