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Lisik Gardens

1445 N. Iva Rd.
Hemlock  Michigan  48626
United States
(989) 642-5772
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Browsing and visiting the gardens is free.

Midwest Living Review

Jen Wainwright
Packed with thousands of hostas, daylilies and rare plants, Lisik Gardens is worth making the country drive.

Lisik Gardens is a serene oasis 3 miles north of Hemlock, Michigan. These privately owned show gardens fly somewhat under the radar, relying only on word-of-mouth recommendations to draw curious visitors and customers. Guests are urged to call ahead and make appointments to explore these spectacular plants and flowers.

Owners Phil (the “hosta guy”) and Ginger (the “lily lady”) Lisik are self-proclaimed plant geeks who grow more than 1,000 varieties annually on their 10-acre farm. It’s easy for green thumbs to lose a couple of hours wandering the property, just taking it all in, from miniature 'Hope' and red-stemmed 'One Man’s Treasure' hostas to ruffled 'Spiritual Corridor' and purple 'Bela Lugosi' daylilies. Highlights of the operation include a water garden full of lily pads, a canopied shade garden and even a living replication of Claude Monet’s Bridge over a Pool of Water Lilies.

Phil and Ginger also sell the plants at prices starting at $5; avid gardeners come ready to fill their trunks. 

June 1, 2012

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