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Lake Superior Circle Tour Drive

The 1,200-mile Lake Superior Circle Tour through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario leads to unmatched Great Lakes scenery, interesting people, lighthouses, cool towns, local food, inns and other experiences that make it a trip of a lifetime.
Lake Superior near Rossport, Ontario.
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Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan.
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Marina in Bayfield, Wisconsin.
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The world’s largest freshwater lake looks different every day: blue, gray, choppy, glassy, intimidating, exhilarating. The legendary 1,200-mile drive that loops Superior has just as many personalities: arty, woodsy, upscale, blue-collar. Whether you travel with a tent in your trunk or hop inn to inn, savor the variety—and bring a passport for entering Canada.

Fuel up The quality of food can get patchy along the Circle Tour, but you’ll find some of the Midwest’s best restaurants, too. Nosh on fresh-caught fish and chips (served on local pottery) at the Angry Trout Cafe in Grand Marais, Minnesota. In Bayfield, Wisconsin, indulge in an elegant feast at the Rittenhouse Inn’s Landmark Restaurant.

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