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Uncle Cheetah's Soup Shop

1133 Wealthy St. SE
Grand Rapids  Michigan  49506
United States
(616) 451-4780
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Midwest Living Review

Fun name, cool place, great from-scratch food!

Everything is made from scratch: the hundreds of soups, the bread you sop up the drips with and the soft-serve ice cream you devour afterward. The chalkboard lists about a dozen kinds of soups to choose from. To help you decide, have a taste test! The sweet potato-black bean soup was a flavorful broth with a Halloween-like mix of black beans and bites of sweet potato. The veggie cream cheese is the most popular for the chunks of veggies swimming in a spicy, smooth cheese base. A generous ladle is $3, two $5. There are even more flavors of ice cream -- soft-serve -- and sundaes to choose from. Yup, have a taste to decide. The cone ($3) full of Madagascar vanilla was speckled with vanilla bean seeds, and the toasted pecan brown sugar a bowl of yumminess. Sundaes ($5) include odes to "The Prairie Home Companion" show and whatever fruits are in season. The neighborhood seems worn, but that is counteracted by the bright interior, with its six tables and counter seating.

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