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Real Food Cafe

2419 Eastern Ave. SE
Grand Rapids  Michigan  49512
United States
(616) 241-4080
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Midwest Living Review

Real Food Cafe is a Cheers kind of place for the breakfast crowd.

If the waitress doesn't know your name already, she soon will. That's just the kind of place Real Food Cafe is. The customers give each other book recommendations, the owner greets you with a friendly wave and the waitresses banter with the customers. They also serve up excellent food. The scrambles looked great: South of the Border had chorizo, onions, salsa, cheese and eggs ($7.50). But the pancakes ($6.25) were irresistible -- their own buttermilk recipe studded with Michigan cherries and pecans. With a dusting of powdered sugar on top, they are a work of art. One warning: Add the maple syrup a little at a time because otherwise it just flows off the plate -- the pancakes are so huge there was no room for the syrup. Not that you should complain! But if you aren't ravenous, get the short stack. Three men keep the orders coming from the grill behind the counter. A row of tables opposite means everyone can smell breakfast cooking, which only makes waiting harder. A yellow and green scheme keeps things cheery. And a small case of homemade pastries at the cash register might tempt if you aren't stuffed already!

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