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Duggan's Irish Pub

31501 Woodward Ave.
Royal Oak  Michigan  48073
United States
(248) 549-3659
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Matt Forster
The Big Chief at Duggan's Irish Pub has been a regional favorite for years, and it's a great way to fuel up for an evening out.

From the street, Duggan's is another of southeast Michigan's "Irish pubs." The key ingredient to making one of these bars an Irish pub is the use of a lot of green paint, a long bar and Guinness beer. Duggan's has all of that and is still bright and cheery (at least, it is upstairs -- we wouldn't be thrilled about being seated in one of the downstairs booths), with a festive atmosphere, especially in the summers. Despite its name, the menu at Duggan's doesn't adhere to any nationality, offering burritos, fish and chips, sandwiches, BBQ ribs and the American classic, burgers. Or in the case of Duggan's, the Big Chief Burger ($7.50). This is an old-school double-decker burger, complete with Duggan's secret sauce. Served up with fries or coleslaw, the Big Chief is two patties, lettuce, sweet pickles and the legendary Big Chief sauce (mayo-based with a hint of curry) all on a sesame seed bun. You can order it with cheese (our preference) or with a bottle of Dom Perignon. (The latter is listed as the Gourmet Big Chief and will set you back $144.44.) The Big Chief sauce isn't for everybody (not everyone likes curry), but it's easy to see why it's such a favorite with regulars cruising Woodward.

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