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Belle Isle Park

Detroit  Michigan  48207
United States
(313) 628-2081

Midwest Living Review

With 5 miles of shoreline, this once-renowned park still offers fabulous views of Detroit and Windsor, Canada.

At one time, this 983-acre island park was the preeminent city park in the United States, but it has seen better days. With fantastic views of Detroit's skyline, as well as Windsor, Canada, across the water, Belle Isle Park remains a decent spot for a picnic. Unfortunately, the once-grand park has deteriorated, and we found the beach and many of the buildings littered, unkempt and in disrepair. Belle Isle hosts numerous citywide events, including a New Year's Eve fun run, car shows, a Halloween extravaganza, and ice-sculpture competitions, so the park is often still busy with year-round activities.

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