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Amadeus Cafe & Restaurant

122 E. Washington St.
Ann Arbor  Michigan  48104
United States
(734) 665-8767
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Midwest Living Review

This places oozes old-world charm, and rich, European cuisine is what's on the menu.

Amadeus Cafe & Restaurant opened in 1988, its name an homage to the composer and the award-winning movie that bore his name. The owner is a native of Poland, who made stops in Austria and Chicago before putting down roots in downtown Ann Arbor. So it's no surprise that everything about this place, from its ornate storefront to its lace curtains to the paintings on the walls, says Eastern Europe, and that's the cuisine you'll find on the menu. Lots of hearty fare here, from chicken paprikash and Hungarian goulash to kielbasa, pierogi and potato pancakes (dinner entrees from $16 to $22). Even the bar menu reflects the countries from which the restaurant draws its inspiration. You can sample beers such as Lezajsk and Tyskie, both from Poland, and Staropramen and Pils Urquell, from the Czech Republic, or have an after-dinner wine from Poland or Hungary. Whatever you do, save room for dessert (or consider coming in just for dessert and a cup of coffee). What they offer is the real McCoy: dense, rich chocolate torte, custard-filled Napoleans, flaky apple strudel. In particular, the constanza (chocolate and white mousse atop an orange liqueur-soaked sponge cake) is hard to resist.

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