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US-36 (Kansas) Treasure Hunt

U.S. Highway 36 Association
110 W. Kansas Ave.
Smith Center  Kansas  66967
United States
(785) 282-3548
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Midwest Living Review

Tina King
Grab some cash–and a like-minded friend–and enjoy the hunt each September when US-36 transforms into Garage Sale Highway for a weekend.

For garage sale fans, the idea of multiple treasure troves within easy driving distance of one another is pretty heady stuff. Just imaging the potential finds–vintage leather suitcases, California pottery and enough craft materials to finally tackle some Pinterest projects–is enough to quicken our pulses.

Miles-long garage sales events can be deceptive though, because not every small town amps up its participation level. We started this route on the east side of Kansas, and worried the trip was a bust until we hit garage sale gold in Sabetha. From there, we could have easily spent two full days picking through driveways between Sabetha and Scandia.   
Sharing the adventure with a friend is a must, but keep it to just one pal if you want to have enough room to haul your loot home. It’s best to get an early start and to load up on caffeine, hand wipes and packing material. Leave your gourmet taste at home because you’ll probably wind up eating fund-raiser hot dogs or hamburgers at a local community center.  
If you pick only one “miles-long” sale adventure a year, know that this one isn’t the longest or even the most scenic. It is, however, a hoot to chase down sale signs to discover what the next small town or winding, rural road might offer. And even though it's 18 miles out of the way, it's worth making a weekend out of it by staying at the Kansas Creek Inn in Concordia.
September 22, 2012

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