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Topeka High School

800 SW 10th St.
Topeka  Kansas  66612
United States
(785) 295-3150
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Lisa Waterman Gray
Looking like something plucked from a Gothic novel, this school's stunning 1930s architecture provides an inspired setting for learning.

A tour of Topeka High School will leave you amazed. With massive twin spires atop a 165-foot bell tower, ornate masonry and a broad sidewalk leading to the front doors, the school looks more like a movie set. Typical high school hallways are lined with metal lockers and heavy doors to classrooms. But the architectural magic becomes apparent in several public rooms.

Showy chandeliers hold dozens of electric candles to illuminate an auditorium where deep red velvet curtains frame the stage. Inside the cafeteria, a wall of international flags near a massive wood and masonry fireplace stands in tribute to students who served in the U.S. military. Presented by the class of 1946 at their 50th reunion, the display is inspiring and almost regal, despite all the modern dining tables and chairs scattered throughout the room. In the impressive library, long bookshelves flank a hand-carved wood fireplace mantel; carved wood also decorates arched openings in the upper balcony and hand-painted beams crisscrossing the high ceiling.

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June 8, 2013

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